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 We love to help beautiful people create unique, timeless, and personal expressions of style for their homes and spaces in their lives.
Our Design Philosophy. We appreciate good design, good function, and the aesthetically pleasing. We share a love for the charming, vintage and beautiful.  We agree it’s good to renew the life of old things that can serve a new or extended purpose–recycling and reuse are a worthy form of thrift.  We love creative expressions of beauty, elegance, or whimsy.
Creating a personal style for your own environment and space can be uplifting: it can transform your thinking and supports your well being.  Discovering your personal style is a journey to develop and create your own personal statement.  We can support you with the ideas, inspiration, coaching, techniques, & materials you need to turn your vision and ideas into reality.
More about the owners of the Brocante Spirit Team. 
Kim and Ian Mathieson found each other on opposite sides of the globe and now live in the Barossa Valley.  They made the move from Sydney to the country in the beautiful Barossa Valley eight years ago.  They have renovated a late 1870s stone house here and then started a design studio business. Kim comes originally from California USA, has called Australia home for over 17 years, has travelled much and speaks a variety of foreign languages.  Ian is originally from New Zealand, has made Australia home for nearly 20 years, and found the move to the Barossa as a return to the pleasures of peaceful country living.  Kim and Ian both love enjoying home and garden, and pursuing creative interests.
KValois-218-E1About Kim. Kim Valois has had a diverse assortment of careers–in intelligence, IT security, and colour and design in interior styling. Whether creating for art, furniture or interior spaces, Kim is drawn to use and enjoy colour in her world and she also enjoys paint, textiles, and other media. She has a Think Global, Act Local outlook on interior decorating,  styling, and art.  She enjoys mixing high with low to create a highly personal interpretation of style.
WMhands2About Ian. Ian Mathieson is a machinist and engineer by training and trade and is a true craftsman. His life must include a good shed, filled with tools that he uses regularly to make or repair things.  He is a watchmaker and restores and builds bespoke watches from antique and vintage movements and more.  Whether building an intricate timepiece or an industrial metal kitchen island, his work is craft. He has a fine appreciation of mechanical marvels and well-designed creations.